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Randolph Fellowship Home Inc. is six-month residential facilities serving male and female individuals with chemical dependencies toward alcohol and/or drugs.  Randolph Fellowship Homes consist of Mangum House to serve the male consumer and Alpha House to serve the female guests.  The homes provide services needed by the guests and have well-trained staff.


Randolph Fellowship Home Inc. has a “ZERO TOLERANCE” policy with respect to the use of drugs and/or alcohol.  It is imperative that this zero tolerance policy is upheld for it is conducive to the atmosphere of recovery which is needed by the consumer in early and long term recovery.


Guests are required to attend Substance abuse intensive outpatient treatment (“SAIOP”) with the current service provider.  Guests are required to attend 12 step meetings daily for the entire term of residency.  Guests are expected to obtain employment with working hours which will coincide with their treatment and recovery program.


Along with food and shelter, we provide a structured and constructive drug and alcohol free living environment of recovery conducive with the programs of treatment.  House meetings are held and the guests are required to attend. 


At Randolph Fellowship Home Inc., our hope is that upon completion of the six month program, each individual will be able to utilize the tools that have been given to them and be able to face life on life’s terms through physical, mental and spiritual well-being and not through the use of drugs and/or alcohol.  We encourage our consumers to continue their twelve step recovery program after completion of their residency.

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